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End the Communist Dictatorship in Cuba

The last generation of Cuban people to remember a free and democratic Cuba is slowly disappearing.  My generation still retains a strong sense of longing to the culture of that time and unfortunately, the generation that follows is simply not as invested in seeing Cuba free. Therefore, the last hope for someone who will advocate in Washington to end the Castro regime lies in my generation and I believe I am the person for the job. 

I will seek to eliminate the communist dictatorship in Cuba once and for all by convincing Washington that the Castro regime needs to be placed once again on the list of states that sponsor terrorism. Doing this will prevent the communist dictatorship from being able to borrow money from international banking systems such as the IMF and World Bank. I will also ask Congress and the Senate to use the Patriot Act against Castro’s Cuba. Labeling these communist oppressors as international fugitives will make them subject to apprehension and allow the international community to go after the wealth they have accumulated for their families in different countries. We would then be able to begin the process of rolling back the Castro influence that has long been affecting every country in Latin America.


High Paying Jobs for Our Community

Florida International University graduates over 400 students with computing and technology related degrees every year, however, there are simply very few, high paying tech jobs available for them in this district.  I will seek to attract skilled, high paying jobs to our area by creating a welcoming agenda for technology as well as manufacturing employers. I will work to keep taxes low and expand opportunities for businesses to move to our community and compete in global markets.  This will ensure that our highly skilled college grads will choose to stay in South Florida, rather than leave in search of higher paying jobs. 



We are in fact, a nation of immigrants as well as a nation of laws.  Our immigration system is in need of a process that is able to provide for both. I support the implementation of a clear and effective entry and exit system for temporary visitors, E-Verify, and the facilitation of visas for highly skilled workers and other laborers.  Additionally, I believe there needs to be a transparent process that provides clarity for those who seek to follow the rules and pursue legal means of obtaining citizenship.  I will work with my colleagues in Congress and the Senate to ensure that those who come to this country seeking the American dream are those who are truly committed to achieving it.


A Solution to the Traffic Problem

Improving our local infrastructure so that Florida’s 27th District can compete in both the national and international marketplace for high paying jobs is a priority for me. One prime example of my commitment is by way of millions in federal dollars that I will seek to steer to our community in order to create an East-West extension to Metrorail Connecting Miami Intermodal Center (MIC), next to Miami International Airport (MIA), to West Dade, and then South to Kendall and Country Walk.  By doing so, we will connect the areas where people live to the areas where they work.  This will reduce the number of vehicles on the road and improve quality of life by saving our residents precious time otherwise spent on long commutes due to unforgiving traffic.


We Need a Healthcare Plan That Works

We need to make legislative changes to ensure that health care is accessible and affordable for individuals and families. It is not enough to repeal Obamacare without an effective replacement package. We need ease and innovation in order to create high quality, affordable health care. I support health insurance coverage that moves with you when you change jobs, coverage for pre-existing conditions through high-risk pools and allowing individuals to purchase insurance plans across state lines. Insurance companies will have to compete for your business and Americans will be able to receive premium healthcare at an affordable price.


I will not accept a Congressional Cadillac Health Plan until the American people can have affordable access to such plans. I will make it my mission to ensure that the health care that the average American citizen can afford and have access to is the same as the ones that the Senate, Congress, and other government officials enjoy. I will never forget that as an elected government official, I will be working for you, the American people, and not the other way around.



As a former educator and recent college graduate I know one thing, education equals opportunity and children deserve every opportunity available to them. This begins with a high-quality education.  But in order to achieve this, we need to make sweeping changes to school board practices and policies that contribute to a bloated, top heavy bureaucracy and ignore the most important element of education - students and teachers.

Government procurement is wasteful and quite frankly irresponsible.  The excessive spending makes it impossible for teachers to earn a wage that allows them to live in the communities in which they work.  Still, so many of them often go into their own pockets to purchase basic classroom necessities such as pencils and other school supplies.  It is simply unfair and sends a message that the work they do is not valuable to this community. 

And speaking of unfair, the teacher review process needs to be revised so that teachers are accountable for teaching and those who serve other functions such as media and program specialists are not evaluated based on a school wide test score but rather on their specific job assignments.  How is it fair to be evaluated on what other people do or don’t do in their classroom?  We need common sense in education.

Caring For Our Vulnerable Populations

My work has long included support and advocacy for those individuals who are in need of special consideration and attention due to circumstances that they have no control over.  As a community, we need to protect and care for those who are truly vulnerable.  It comes at a greater cost to do nothing than to invest in helping to build citizens who are able to give back to this community.

 Individuals with special needs require resources for education, innovation,   and opportunities that will allow them to better adapt and thrive in any environment. 

Many seniors in our community are struggling to make ends meet on fixed incomes, often having to choose between paying for groceries or lifesaving medications.  Our seniors require access to the support and health care they need for a secure and dignified retirement. 

There are almost 3000 children currently in foster care within the district.  These precious lives have been plagued by cycles of abuse, abandonment and neglect that have overtaken their lives for generations and yet, we only do the bare minimum to provide for their safety, stability and their future.  They too need the education and resources to break the cycle and heal for the generations that follow.  Foster care should build them, not break them. 

Homeless individuals need community services that will support them in finding housing, work and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

 Victims of human trafficking have been violated, exploited and robbed of their basic human right to freedom.  We should be able to provide the necessary services to help repair the damage and restore the humanity that was so violently taken from them.

And finally, our military veterans and their families have made tremendous sacrifices in order to preserve our freedoms and our way of life.  Service to our country should come with every benefit that we can offer.  We need to provide for their physical, mental and emotional health and offer them every support they need to successfully re-assimilate into their home environment after their service is over.  

This is the home of the brave, and that bravery is rewarded here in America.  



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